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Uses of WOULD

'Would' is a versatile word that can express different meanings, such as indicating past habits, hypothetical situations, polite requests, offers, and more. Through a series of sentences you could come across at work, this Task Deck explores the different nuances of 'would' usage and its applicability in various contexts.

ECM - Uses of 'would'
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Task 1.
  1. Polite offer (E)

  2. Past habit (A)

  3. Polite request (D)

  4. Refusal (B)

  5. The past form of 'will' / Reported speech / Future in the past (F)

  6. Polite request (D)

  7. Hypothetical/conditional situation (C)

  8. The past form of 'will' / Reported speech / Future in the past (F)

  9. Polite offer (E)

  10. Polite offer (E)

Task 2.
  1. Before the software was implemented, we would have regular team meetings in person.

  2. Would you be able to present the report to the client?

  3. I would like you to schedule the call with the regional managers for next week.

  4. If you gave me a bigger budget, our approach would be different.

  5. Would you like to see our new varieties of watermelon?

  6. When I was a PM, I would regularly update the project status to keep the team informed.

  7. If you made me a team lead, I would streamline all the processes.

  8. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to raise your salary any time soon.

  9. Would it be possible to meet one of your buyers next month?

  10. He said he would let me/us know after the meeting with the clients.

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