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Let's take a close look at two sentences from an article and see how to express the idea of certain circumstances making the problem worse.

ECM - worse still
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  1. The problem is the deadline is approaching. Worse still, the team is short-staffed and overworked.

  2. The problem is the company's profits are declining. Worse still, the main competitor is gaining market share.

  3. The problem is the software is prone to crashing. Worse still, it has lost some users' data in the past.

  4. The problem is the roads are icy and treacherous. Worse still, the storm is forecast to continue for several more hours.

  5. The problem is the building's foundation is unstable. Worse still, the city is experiencing a series of small earthquakes.

  6. The problem is the patient's condition is deteriorating. Worse still, the hospital is short of essential medicine and equipment.

  7. The problem is the team's morale is low. Worse still, the manager's leadership is causing tension and conflict.

  8. The problem is the project is behind schedule. Worse still, the key stakeholders are threatening to pull the funding.

  9. The problem is the plane's engine has failed. Worse still, the pilot is reporting difficulties with the landing gear.

  10. The problem is the product is not selling well. Worse still, the negative reviews affect brand reputation.

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