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The Subject

This Task Deck provides a clear explanation of what the subject of a sentence is, including examples, where the subject may be a single word or a longer phrase. The learners are then presented with 20 sentences and asked to identify the subject in each one. The sentences vary in complexity and style, offering a diverse range of examples for practice and explanation. The worksheet aims to enhance the learners' understanding of the important part of English sentence structure.

ECM - The Subject
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Identify the subject
  1. The sun

  2. She

  3. Emily and her brother

  4. The students in the classroom

  5. The joyful laughter of children

  6. My favourite book

  7. colourful fruits and vegetables

  8. the swift deer

  9. a colourful butterfly

  10. a majestic castle

  11. The old, creaky door in the haunted house

  12. my tired feet

  13. Running barefoot

  14. Sarah’s beautiful painting of a sunset

  15. An old, leather-bound journal

  16. The bustling city streets

  17. a rose bush

  18. Working late at night and a poor diet

  19. Having a lot of money

  20. A dedicated team of volunteers, consisting of experienced event planners and passionate animal lovers

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