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Imagine a TV anchor losing her voice live on air. That's what happened to Polly Evans, a BBC presenter. Students learn her story from a radio program and discover many advanced expressions.

ECM - Speechless
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Task 2
  1. One fateful day = a particular day that has significant consequences

  2. Shook her to the core = had a profound emotional impact

  3. Rendering her speechless = making her not able to speak

  4. Broke boundaries = overcame limitations or societal norms

  5. Striving to fit the mould of a clichéd news reader = trying to conform to the stereotypical image of a news reader

  6. Unravelled = fell apart or disintegrated

  7. Pushed through = continued despite difficulties or obstacles

  8. Seized up = contracted or became blocked, resulting in the loss of her voice=

  9. Had come to pass = had happened

  10. The aftermath = the period following an event or incident

  11. Arduous = difficult, demanding, or strenuous

  12. Find solace = find comfort, peace, or emotional support

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