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Requests with the future continuous

Teach your students how to make polite requests starting with a question about someone's future plans.

ECM - Requests with the future continuous
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Sentence Transformation
  1. What time will you be coming back home?

  2. Where will you be staying in London?

  3. Will you be paying by credit card?

  4. Who will you be inviting?

  5. When will you be leaving?

  6. Will you be waiting for me?

  7. When will you be speaking to the client?

  8. Will you be eating out?

  9. Who will you be going with?

  10. Will you be driving?

  11. What time will you be delivering the goods?

  12. Will you be watching TV tonight?

  13. How will you be getting to the airport?

  14. Who will you be talking to about the problem?

  15. How soon will you be arriving?

  16. When will you be giving a speech?

  17. What will you be wearing for the wedding?

  18. How much luggage will you be taking with you?

  19. What time will you be getting up?

  20. What will you be talking about?

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