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Updated: Aug 10, 2023

This Task Deck centres on the controversial "Maaate" campaign launched by London Mayor Sadiq Khan. It encourages students to explore whether the campaign's approach to tackling misogyny is effective. Students will also learn new vocabulary that could be useful when discussing topics of sexism and sexual harassment.

ECM - Maaate
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What's the Difference?

Situation A: 3. sexism

Situation B: 2. misogyny

Situation C: 1. harassment

Comprehension Check
  1. The main objective of Sadiq Khan's campaign is to combat misogyny and encourage men to call out sexism by saying "maaate."

  2. The word "maaate" is used in the campaign because research by Ogilvy found that elongating the vowel in "mate" grabs attention during conversations, similar to how birds use varied note duration to signal different emotions or meanings. The emphasis on the "t" in "maaate" is intended to signal serious intent and gently convey disapproval when confronting misogyny.

  3. Some people criticise the campaign because they question the evidence presented for behavioural change, and they worry that it might backfire if not well-received. Conservative MP Caroline Nokes specifically called the initiative "cringy" and believes a more direct approach is needed to combat misogyny and harassment.

  4. In defence of the campaign, Khan's team argues that it aims to spark awareness and conversation about the widespread misogyny that women face daily. They also highlight the positive feedback received from young men in London during consultations. The Fawcett Society, a women's rights charity, supports the campaign as it focuses on addressing male behaviour rather than solely advising women to be cautious.

  5. According to the text, the potential outcome of the "Maaate" campaign is uncertain. It could be a game-changer in the fight against misogyny and change the city's attitude toward gender equality. Alternatively, it might make the word 'mate' a bit embarrassing. Only time will tell if the campaign will have a significant impact.

Vocabulary Search
  1. audacious - Sadiq Khan's campaign is described as "an audacious anti-misogyny campaign."

  2. to get tongues wagging - The campaign "has got tongues wagging," meaning it has generated significant discussion and conversation.

  3. to elongate - The research by Ogilvy found that "elongating the vowel in 'mate' grabs attention during conversations."

  4. to be sold on the idea - "Not everyone's sold on the 'maaate' method, though", indicates that not everyone is convinced that the method is good.

  5. cringy (alternative spelling: cringey) - Conservative MP Caroline Nokes called the initiative "cringy," suggesting that she finds it awkward or embarrassing.

  6. to spark awareness - The campaign is meant to "spark awareness and conversation about the rampant misogyny that women face every day."

  7. rampant - The text mentions "the rampant misogyny that women face every day," indicating that it is widespread and unchecked.

  8. game-changer - The "Maaate" campaign is referred to as potentially being a "game-changer" in the fight against misogyny.

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