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It + BE versus THERE + BE

Explore the distinction between starting a sentence with "It is" and "There is" by engaging your students in an analysis of common office-related sentences. Encourage them to conclude when each structure. This approach will provide them with practical insights into sentence construction.

ECM - it's v there's
Download PDF • 2.39MB


Task 1
  1. there is / it is

  2. there is

  3. there are / it is

  4. there is / it is

  5. there is / it is

  6. there are / it is

  7. there is / it is

  8. it is / there is

  9. there is / it is

  10. it is

Task 3

THERE + BE: a few things we need to do; no point in doing sth; nothing we can do about it; no time like the present; still time to do sth

IT + BE: crucial to do sth; essential to do sth; important to do sth; not worth doing sth; too late to do sth

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