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Idioms at Work (1)

Idioms are an integral part of fluent communication, adding nuance and authenticity to language use. This Task Deck is the first in a series of worksheets aiming at fostering a better understanding of work-related idioms and practising their usage in appropriate contexts.

ECM - Idioms at Work 1
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Focus on Meaning
  1. In the pipeline: There are new projects being planned or developed, but they are not yet ready to be shown or discussed.

  2. On the dot: The meeting will begin exactly at the specified time of 10 am, without any delay.

  3. Out of my depth: I felt unprepared and overwhelmed when asked to present to the board because the task was beyond my level of expertise or comfort.

  4. On the same boat: Don't worry; we are all facing the same challenges or difficulties together. We are in the same situation.

  5. On the mark: His line of argument was extremely accurate, precise, and effective in addressing the issue at hand.

  6. Across the board: The salary increase is for all employees, without exceptions.

  7. In touch: Please keep me informed and updated regularly about the situation. Maintain communication.

  8. In a nutshell: In short, our profits have doubled compared to the previous year.

  9. To the letter: Follow the guidelines exactly and precisely when preparing the financial report.

  10. Under wraps: The details of the new model are being kept secret and are not yet ready to be revealed to the public.

Fill in the Blanks (1)
  1. Quality standards will improve across the board when the new procedures are introduced.

  2. Make sure you submit your report at 3 pm on the dot.

  3. I’m afraid I’m a bit out of my depth with this complex coding issue.

  4. Until the official announcement, the strategy is under wraps.

  5. Are there any new models in the pipeline?

  6. As long as we are in this project, we’re on the same boat.

  7. We’ve executed the plan to the letter, paying attention to every detail.

  8. Even though I’m working remotely, I’m trying to stay in touch with the team.

  9. In a nutshell, the new software update will significantly enhance user experience.

  10. Your presentation was on the mark; you addressed all the key points.

Fill in the Blanks (2)
  1. Wow, your explanation was right on the mark! You totally cleared that up for me.

  2. It’s important for me to stay in touch with my old colleagues even though we’re no longer working together.

  3. The budget cuts affect everyone in the company. We’re all on the same boat here.

  4. We’ve got a few surprises, but they are still under wraps until we’re ready to reveal them.

  5. We’ll be leaving at 7:45 am on the dot, so don’t be late.

  6. I heard they’re making the same changes across the board; all models will be modified.

  7. Don’t ask me such questions; I’m totally out of my depth when it comes to this topic.

  8. The marketing team has several new campaigns in the pipeline for the upcoming season.

  9. The recipe must be followed to the letter to achieve the desired result.

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