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Chasing Pavements

This Task Deck is based on the lyrics of one of Adele's greatest hits. The song could be a good starting point for discussions on various emotional and relationship-related topics. It is also perfect for reminding students of the differences between American and British vocabulary.

ECM - Chasing Pavements
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Task 1

Note: Don’t expect correct answers at this stage. In fact, it doesn't matter if the students understand the intended message of the song. What’s important is just giving your students the opportunity to express themselves on what they think the song is about. As a joke, you could also mention that sometimes when people listen to the song for the first time they think it is about debt collectors, and it is called "Chasing Payments".

Task 2

Note: Just like before, don't expect the students to give you the correct answer, but encourage them to guess all possible meanings of "chasing pavements". Tell them that the phrase was coined by Adele and is not normally used in the English language. After the students share their views, refer them to Adele's comment on the meaning of the song on the next slide.

Task 3
  1. I've made up my mind.

  2. lust

  3. build oneself up

  4. fly around in circles

  5. my heart drops

  6. tingle

Task 4
  1. a flat - an apartment

  2. rubbish - garbage

  3. a sweet - a candy

  4. a cooker - a stove

  5. a pram - a baby-carriage

  6. a single ticket - a one-way ticket

  7. a biscuit - a cookie

  8. the cinema - the movies

  9. a tap - a faucet

  10. an off-licence - a liquor store

  11. a lorry - a truck

  12. a torch - a flashlight

  13. trousers - pants

  14. a chemist's - a drug store

  15. an estate agent - a realtor

  16. a lift - an elevator

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