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A Date at the Mayfair Hotel

A Task Deck based on a delightful story about Henry and Emily. The worksheet will help students discover new vocabulary and practise English tenses.

ECM - A Date at the Mayfair Hotel
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Task 2
  1. To be infatuated with sb: This phrase means to have a strong and often unreasonable feeling of love or attraction towards someone.

  2. To muster (up) the courage to do sth: This phrase means to gather or summon the strength, confidence, or bravery needed to do something that might be difficult or intimidating.

  3. A fancy hotel: "Fancy" in this context means elegant, upscale, or luxurious. So, a "fancy hotel" is a high-quality, posh establishment.

  4. A swanky bar: "Swanky" refers to something stylish, fashionable, and high-class. A "swanky bar" is a trendy and sophisticated establishment for serving drinks.

  5. To be engrossed in conversation: This means to be completely absorbed or deeply involved in a conversation, often to the point of not paying attention to anything else.

  6. To sip sth: To drink something by taking small, careful, and usually slow sips.

  7. A concoction: A mixture or combination of various ingredients, especially in the context of drinks or beverages.

  8. Chitchat: Casual, light, and informal conversation about unimportant or everyday matters.

  9. A cosy spot: A comfortable and snug place, often used to describe a small and warm space that provides a sense of security and comfort.

  10. To be the courtesy of sb: If something is "the courtesy of someone," it means that it is provided or paid for by that person as a kind gesture.

  11. To wind down: To gradually come to an end or to relax after a period of activity or excitement.

  12. Whopping: This is an informal term meaning extremely large or impressive in size or amount.

  13. A cheapskate: A colloquial term for a person who is unwilling to spend money, often to an excessive degree.

  14. To suck it up: This idiom means to endure a difficult or unpleasant situation without complaining, often implying a sense of resilience.

  15. To feel torn: To be emotionally conflicted or uncertain about a decision, often because there are pros and cons on both sides.

  16. To answer the call of nature: This is a euphemistic way of saying to go to the toilet or to relieve oneself.

  17. To seize the opportunity: To take advantage of a chance or moment to do something beneficial.

  18. To wash over sb: To affect someone strongly or suddenly, often referring to a feeling or emotion.

  19. To be tainted by sth: To be negatively affected or influenced by something in a way that diminishes its quality or purity.

  20. To settle the bill: To pay the amount owed for goods or services, often in a restaurant or other establishment.

Task 3
  1. After enjoying a delicious meal, we asked for the bill, settled it immediately, and left.

  2. A sense of peace and calm washed over me as I walked along the beach.

  3. As the party began to wind down, people started saying their goodbyes.

  4. Despite the challenges, she decided to suck it up and face the situation bravely.

  5. During the party, we engaged in light chitchat with our acquaintances.

  6. Excuse me, I need to answer the call of nature. I'll be right back.

  7. He was quick to seize the opportunity to showcase his artistic skills.

  8. I prefer sipping my coffee slowly in the morning to savour the flavour.

  9. It took me a while to muster up the courage to speak in public.

  10. James is known as a cheapskate, always looking for the cheapest option.

  11. Sarah's beauty and charm had me completely infatuated.

  12. She felt torn between pursuing a stable career or following her dreams.

  13. The bar had a cosy atmosphere, with dim lighting and plush seating.

  14. The bartender mixed a unique concoction of tropical juices and rum.

  15. The company's reputation was tainted by the CEO's unethical behaviour.

  16. The concert tickets were courtesy of generous friends who couldn't attend.

  17. The designer handbag cost a whopping £2,000, but it was worth every penny.

  18. The group of friends were engrossed in a deep conversation about politics.

  19. We booked a room at a fancy hotel for our honeymoon.

  20. We found a cosy corner table in the restaurant for our anniversary dinner.

Task 4

Henry has been secretly infatuated with a girl named Emily for quite some time, and he finally musters the courage to ask her out on a date. Determined to make a memorable impression, Henry plans an evening at a luxurious Mayfair hotel for drinks.

As Henry and Emily enter the fancy hotel, they immediately see the swanky bar, where two gentlemen are engrossed in conversation while sipping on intriguing-looking cocktails. Emily can't help herself and asks Henry about the drinks.

They approach the bar, and Henry politely inquires about the enticing concoctions. The men turn out to be friendly Americans. "They're called White Russians – a blend of vodka and double cream," cheerfully replies one of them, looking into Emily's eyes, which light up like Christmas lights with excitement for the drinks.

After a bit of chitchat, the couple finds a cosy spot at a nearby table. They have hardly settled in their seats when a waiter approaches, carrying two elegantly crafted White Russian cocktails. He points towards the Americans and tells them that the drinks are courtesy of the newfound American friends. Both of them are now looking at their surprised faces, so Henry and Emily smile back and wave a grateful acknowledgement across the room.

The couple enjoys their tasty drinks, toasting their budding romance and the magical atmosphere of the hotel. Time flies by as they get lost in each other's company, forgetting about everything else around them. It's a night to remember.

But as the evening winds down, reality strikes hard when the bill arrives. Henry's jaw nearly hits the floor when he sees the total, which unexpectedly includes a whopping £40 for the two White Russians! He immediately realizes they've fallen victim to a misunderstanding. Should he point the mistake to the waiter and risk giving Emily the impression of being a cheapskate, or should he suck it up and pay the bill? Feeling torn and desperate to make things right, Henry comes up with a plan.

He excuses himself, claiming he needs a quick trip to the loo. But instead of answering the call of nature, he seizes the opportunity to sort things out. He pulls out his phone, dials the hotel's bar, and explains the mix-up to the person on the other end, who apologizes and promises to swap the bills.

As Henry returns to the table, he discovers a pleasant surprise waiting for him. The inflated bill has magically disappeared, replaced by a corrected one. A sense of relief washes over him. He knows their evening won't be forever tainted by the regret of paying an excessive amount. Without a moment's hesitation, Henry settles the bill, feeling a weight lifted off his shoulders. The night has been saved, and he can't help but smile, grateful for the chance to enjoy the rest of the evening with Emily, unburdened by financial worries..

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