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Wouldn't it be better to ...?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

This worksheet will allow your students to practise giving suggestions more tentatively.

ECM - Wouldn't it be better ..._
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  1. Wouldn't it be beneficial to implement new management software?

  2. Wouldn't it be more efficient to automate the process?

  3. Wouldn't it be wise to seek expert advice before making a major decision?

  4. Wouldn't it be good solution to schedule regular team meetings.

  5. Wouldn't it be great to streamline our workflow to save time.

  6. Wouldn't it be advisable to invest in training programs.

  7. Wouldn't it be useful to gather feedback from customers to enhance our services?

  8. Wouldn't it be a good idea to establish clear objectives for the project?

  9. Wouldn't it be productive to collaborate with the commercial department?

  10. Wouldn't it be a right thing to do to conduct a thorough market analysis?

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